Gecko Painting on Canvas
Geck Painting - ideal for home or the office
Close up of Mini Gecko

Mini Gecko

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One of a kind original painting on canvas.

Whilst honeymooning in Varadero, Cuba, geckos were a common site, caught climbing smooth walls or hiding in the dense foliage. This gecko was seen from a sun lounger near the pool, viewed from the underside of a leaf, its shadow outlined, poised and ready to dart away at the slightest threat.  

The texture of the underside of the leaf with the vibrant greens and strong veins have been created using a pallet knife and all parts of the brush.  Fun and beautiful, these pieces have been popular with all ages. This is a slightly smaller picture in the series, hence the name.


Acrylic on canvas


40 x 40cm  (16 x 16 inches)

4 cm Deep (1.5 inches)